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You have got that dream job interview coming up. This might be it! Your one shot at the ideal job. Feeling nervous? With so much on the line, it's understandable that you would be anxious about every aspect of the process, from not dressing appropriately to giving "perfect" answers to questions to fearing that you won't get the job offer. Read on to find out how to deal with interview anxiety and ace your next job interview.

Stress or anxiety prior to a crucial interview is simply a sign of you really wanting to perform well. In fact, your anxiety can help you prepare better, provide you with motivation, and keep you awake throughout the process. However, anxiety can also keep you from giving your best effort by distracting you or affecting your memory. Here are some simple suggestions on how to overcome interview anxiety and perhaps even make the most of it.

What Is Interview Anxiety?

Anxiety before interviews is fairly typical. Nerves and stress are triggered by talking about yourself, meeting strangers in positions of authority, and being assessed and rated on your looks, conduct, and capability to sell yourself. However, there are methods you can employ to lessen your interview anxiety. They also apply to video calls as well as in-person interviews. If you are nervous about a new job role or confused about the next step of the way in your career then you can also opt for professional career counseling to help you release some stress around your job.

How To Deal With The Pre-Interview Nerves

Take proactive measures to get ready and cope with stress in the days and hours before a job interview. Even if achieving a genuine level of calmness may be challenging, you will feel much better if you are trying to deal with your anxious feelings. Given below are some tips and tricks to help you understand how to ease anxiety before interview.

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1. Do Your Research

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Anxiety can be reduced by doing research. Learn as much as possible about the prospective employer before the interview and be ready to respond to typical questions. Every little piece of preparation will help you feel more at ease, capable, and confident throughout the interview. One of the most important tips for coping with job interview anxiety is to be adaptable in your thinking. If you try to memorize statements and responses word for word, you risk being confused if a question is posed in a different style.

2. Watch What You Eat And Drink Before a Job Interview

Get enough sleep and resist caffeine before the interview. Additionally, it is never a good idea to consume alcohol prior to an interview, even if you believe it would "calm" you and answer your problem of how to deal with interview anxiety. Eat something light to prevent your stomach from growling or making you dizzy. Consume moderately as a large meal can cause you to feel sleepy. Taking care of your body will significantly contribute to reducing nervous interview anxiety and making you feel more at ease.

3. Adopt a Constructive Inner Voice

It can actually make a difference to implement the pillars of self-esteem and reframe negative thoughts into positive ones. For instance, instead of stating, "I have to do a little interview prep today," which sounds like someone else is forcing you to, say, "I want to get started on my prep tonight," which feels like you're actively embracing the decision rather than dreading it. Similarly, why not try saying, "I'm so excited about the interview," as opposed to, "I'm so anxious about the interview"? Visualizing a successful interview will also help you overcome the hurdle of how to deal with interview anxiety.

4. Prepare Yourself

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Find out as much as you can about the specific location of the interview and make travel arrangements well in advance and avoid the nervous question of how to overcome interview anxiety. If you're worried about finding the location, you might even want to make a dry run, especially if, for example, you're going somewhere with multiple entrances and buildings. Check to see if there is any paperwork you need to print out and pack well in advance. Prepare everything beforehand to eliminate the extra stress and overcome anxiety on the big day.

Tips To Stay Calm During The Interview

No matter how much preparation you put into an interview, it's normal to feel anxious when you're there. If your nervousness starts to rise during your interview with potential employers, try these tips for coping with job interview anxiety.

1. Take Your Time

You are not required to respond right away to questions. Take a moment for yourself and collect your thoughts before answering. Take notes when the interviewer speaks if you are concerned that you won't remember anything during the interview. By doing this, you can deflect attention from yourself and refrain from surfacing severe interview anxiety. Make use of your notes after the question has been asked. Keep taking notes and explain that you need time to gather your thoughts prior to responding if you run out of ideas.

2. Interview The Interviewer

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Interviews also provide you the chance to assess a possible employer. Just as they choose whether or not to hire you, you can also choose whether or not you want to work for them. Try if you can shift your concentration by trying to think in this way. One of the best tips to cope with job interview anxiety is to ask questions that demonstrate your interest in learning how the company might fit within your career goals and aspirations.

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3. Release Your Nervous Energy

Even when you believe your anxiety is well-hidden, it sometimes manages to sneak out. If you catch yourself fidgeting, try a less noticeable method of releasing the tension, such as wiggling your toes or doing a subtle amount of gradual muscle relaxation. Take a few long, deep breaths if you want to (either during the interview when you are not talking but instead listening to the interviewer or when you are trying to understand how to ease anxiety before interview).

4. Don't Give In to Pressure

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You may every now and then be subjected to a stress-management interview when you are grilled. It could be easy to fall into automatic negative thought patterns, such as "They know I can't manage this job; I should've never applied" or "They really don't like me; I may never get the job." Stop these negative interview anxiety thoughts. If this occurs, be aware of the interviewer's objectives and resist the need to become upset, and understand how to handle criticism in life. Recognize that it is not a reflection on you or your ability and that the other applicants have been handled similarly.


Regardless of how you feel the interview went, be proud of yourself for taking the chance afterward. Do not dwell on what went well or poorly during the interview. Reward yourself by doing something you enjoy, such as going for a stroll in the park, cuddling up with a good book, or meeting a friend over coffee. It's fairly typical to experience interview anxiety before and during a job interview. The majority of people experience it. We guarantee that if you take our advice and put in the necessary preparation time, your nerves won't ruin your chance at success.

It may be that you need more assistance than self-help if severe interview anxiety is making it difficult for you to handle social situations like job interviews or other social engagements. This could entail anxiety counseling or anti-anxiety medication as a type of treatment. Consult your doctor to go over your symptoms and come up with a plan that will work for you. And always remember to face your fears head-on and not to run away from them. Deal with the interview anxiety by being prepared and ace those job interviews.

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