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Many people have problems falling asleep or staying asleep. And just as many solutions have been proposed to address this problem. Some people find relief from worry and stress-related sleeplessness via meditation or aromatherapy. However, an organic best weighted blanket may also be an effective solution. The pressure from these blankets, which may range in weight from 5 to 35 pounds, helps to put the autonomic nervous system to rest. Consequently, this alleviates certain anxiety symptoms, including fast heart rate and heavy breathing. In addition, they provide a sense of warmth and security, similar to a hug, for people who want it.However, if you’re unfamiliar with them, it can be challenging to determine which one is ideal for your particular sleeping style. You can rest assured that we did extensive research, read countless customer reviews, and put many products through rigorous testing to determine our recommendations.

Our Favorite Weighted Blankets Brands:

  1. LUXOME: Overall Best Home Comfort Essentail Brand
  2. Mosaic Weighted Blankets: The Most Top Rated Brand For Cooling Weighted Blankets
  3. Weighted Evolution: Most Recomended Brand For Premium Quality Blankets

#1. LUXOME– Overall Best Home Comfort Essentail Brand

Best Weighted Blanket For Calm And Comfort In 2022 - The Island Now (1)

A Luxome blanket is the best option if you’re looking for a weighted blanket that won’t break the bank and won’t need much upkeep. The company opened for business in 2018, intending to provide quality bedding at reasonable pricing. It has everything from weighted blankets with an attached cover to those with a detachable cover and even cooling weighted blankets. Weighted blankets with an integrated cover have a single layer serving as the outer and interior layers. Put another way; the two are inseparable. The detachable cover blanket is of the two-piece kind, with a Minky fabric, bamboo lyocell cover, and a weighted blanket. Both built-in and detachable cover blankets are available for the cooling weighted blanket option. This design distributes heat to enhance cooling. Luxome uses only natural and breathable fabrics in all of its weighted blankets. Four different-sized glass microbeads serve as the weight, accommodating many users and situations. There is just one weight available for each blanket size. But Luxome made it with that size in mind. Those who use it will not find the weight or density of the product overwhelming. Pockets in the blankets hold glass microbeads. The contents of each pocket are not very heavy or mobile, and they are spread uniformly throughout the vest. In addition, the materials are robust without sacrificing wearer comfort. The stitching is also doubled to ensure longevity. You can use these bead-filled blankets often and wash them in a machine, making them quite convenient. The blanket’s cover materials allow it to regulate heat. With Minky fleece and bamboo, you won’t have to worry about the temperature. The Minky fabric helps trap body heat, and the bamboo hollows disperse it, so you never get too toasty. The moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, eco-friendly bamboo lyocell shell is also a nice touch.


Temperature Control: The blankets help regulate body temperature since they are permeable and can wick away moisture. The bamboo lyocell fabric is excellent for both hot and cold climates since it does not trap heat. The lightweight and breathable Minky fabric is ideal for warmer temperatures. Various Options: There’s something for everyone with the three different weighted blankets Luxome offers. A one-piece option (the integrated cover blanket) or a two-piece option (the detachable cover blanket) are both available. If you need to clean it, you may take the lid off. The weighted cooling blanket is a mix of blankets and coverings that you can remove and wash separately. Weight Range: Weighted blankets from Luxome may weigh between 8 and 30 pounds. It’s common for double or even queen-sized blankets to be broader than those for single beds because of their ability to cover more people. Cover Material: Each blanket is crafted from bamboo lyocell, but only some of them include a plush Minky finish. This is because some people may find the cloth excessively warm, even if it may be just suitable for others. The cotton lining within each blanket makes them comfortable to cuddle up in and provides necessary breathability and durability. Affordability: The company has built a name for itself by offering reasonably priced, high-quality mattresses. The good news is that you can get a high-quality weighted blanket without breaking the bank, and this brand’s highest-priced blanket alternative costs less than $160.


  • Excellent cover materials
  • Weight that is spread out evenly
  • Several options
  • Glass beads cut down on noise and heat retention
  • Fill has even weight distribution
  • Practically inexpensive and conveniently located
  • The whole blanket is machine-washable
  • Durable


  • Some customers felt they were too heavy
  • The blankets could be narrow in width
  • The glass beads might not stay in place

=> Click here to visit the official website of LUXOME

#2. Mosaic Weighted Blankets– The Most Top Rated Brand For Cooling Weighted Blankets

Best Weighted Blanket For Calm And Comfort In 2022 - The Island Now (2)

In 2011, the creators of Mosaic Weighted Blankets identified a need in the market for therapeutic blankets. So I decided to create a product to fill that need. Mosaic’s emphasis on therapeutic design hasn’t wavered, and the company’s goal is to make blankets that give users the comforting feeling of being hugged while they sleep. Products are hand-sewn in Austin, and Mosaic gives out any excess fabric to local charities. Since its inception, Mosaic has expanded its product offerings to include various complementary items and weighted blankets. These include lap cushions, weighted pet blankets, duvet covers, plush toys, hospital blankets, shoulder wraps, and laptop wrist rests. It’s easy to find the perfect weighted blanket for you or a loved one among the many options Mosaic’s diverse collection offers. The company makes weighted blankets in over 50 different patterns and colors from a choice of four shell fabrics. Mosaic Weighted Blankets allow for a great deal of personalization, and they even let you make your own if you can’t find your personal preference in their premade options. The core filling of each Mosaic weighted blanket type is the same, but the exterior materials vary. Coolmax, polyester Minky, organic cotton, and cotton are just a few materials used to make guest blankets. This blanket is our primary emphasis since it is the most versatile blanket in fabric and size. The Mosaic Weighted Blanket is a high-quality alternative for those who don’t want to compromise on color, size, or weight when choosing a blanket. Most sleepers will be able to discover a configuration of the Cotton Weighted Blanket’s many possibilities that work for them.

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Materials: Mosaic makes four weighted blankets, and each blanket’s fill is polyfill and hypoallergenic, BPA-free plastic pellets. These pellets provide the blanket weight, while polyfill adds insulation and reduces pellet sound and feel. Six sizes, eight weights, and 50 colors and patterns are available for customers to choose from. It’s important to note that models with similar specifications may have significantly different overall performance due to differences in shell materials. These blankets are breathable, Coolmax regulates temperature, and Minky is a cozy fleece. Prices: It’s common to spend anywhere from $100 to $300 for a weighted blanket, with bigger and heavier blankets costing more. These prices are typical for blankets sold by Mosaic. As with other bedding goods, Mosaic’s tiniest weighted blankets are the cheapest. Each size provides similar-priced weight options for sleepers who don’t want to spend more for a thicker blanket. Mosaic features 50 colors and designs, and color and shell material affect pricing for all of them. Performance Rating: The Mosaic Cotton Weighted Blanket’s filling consists of plastic pellets that are hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, and FDA-approved for use with various medical conditions. Compared to the lead-free glass beads often used by competing weighted blankets, these pellets do a fine job of regulating temperature and conforming to the body. However, they aren’t as silent or breathable. The cotton outer shell is lightweight, neatly sewn, and long-lasting. Because of its ability to maintain a comfortable internal temperature, this weighted blanket is an excellent buy for the summer. But if you live in a colder region, you may need to use a duvet cover or another warmer layer in addition to the polyfill to keep warm for a good night’s sleep.


  • FDA-compliant
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Good temperature control
  • Diverse weight options
  • Machine-washable duvet cover
  • Glass bead filling with even weight distribution
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Noisy
  • Not as soft as other weighted blankets
  • You can feel the pellets, which makes the experience slightly uncomfortable

=> Click here to visit the official website of Mosaic

#3. Weighted Evolution– : Most Recomended Brand For Premium Quality Blankets

Best Weighted Blanket For Calm And Comfort In 2022 - The Island Now (3)

Weighted Evolution is famous for making some of the best-weighted blankets available. The company’s principle is that everyone should have access to the therapeutic advantages of weighted blankets and that these blankets should provide comfort. The company has been selling weighted blankets for a while and has a limited selection of excellent products. The outside layer is a bamboo stretch-knit material, while the inside is microfiber. It uses tiny glass beads to provide weight to the blanket. The blanket is then sewed into four-inch pockets that are strengthened with double stitching. This is to prevent the glass beads from moving around and leaking. The outer cover, made from 100% organic bamboo, is very breathable and aids in the evaporation of sweat. This weighted blanket is great if you tend to sweat a lot throughout the night. As a bonus, the material is hypoallergenic and simple to maintain. The company sells a weighted blanket made of bamboo for sensory purposes. And the plush blanket surface improves the user experience. One side of the sensory bamboo blanket is a Minky sensory-dotted fleece, while the other is a 100% organic bamboo lyocell. This is the distinction between these weighted blankets. The blankets are convenient to clean and unload, and there is a small zipper on the cover that you can open and slip off to wash. The blankets come in various densities, so you can select one that’s just right for your kid if you need it. Choose from convenient alternatives ranging in weight from 8 to 25 pounds. They stock eight-pound, twelve-pound, fifteen-pound, twenty-pound, and twenty-five-pound blankets. You may choose from numerous stylish hues, including navy blue, gray, dark gray, white, and turquoise.


Maintenance: Easy to remove and wash, the blanket cover requires little upkeep. You can easily remove the cover from the cushion’s inner blanket material by unzipping it, and the cover is both lightweight and easy to handle. It’s machine-washable and dryer-safe for hassle-free maintenance. Thus, this brand’s weighted blanket doesn’t need special care or cleaning. Weight Options: Weighted Evolution’s blankets come in a range of weights to suit your needs. Depending on their intended use, blankets may vary in weight from 8 pounds up to 25 pounds. The blankets are especially enjoyable for children if you choose the lighter varieties. Color Choices: Several color choices are available. You can go with either dark hues or light, bright ones. The sensory bamboo blanket, for example, is available in three colors (white, navy blue, and dark gray). The colors available for the bamboo blanket are gray and turquoise. Cover Material: There are two different choices for the cover material. Both include organic bamboo as the main material. However, one is 100% bamboo, while the other is organic bamboo in addition to Minky fleece. The lightweight and breathable cover materials are ideal for warmer months. Additionally, the Minky fleece and bamboo combination is versatile, with one side producing warmth and the other allowing for air circulation during warmer months.


  • Eco-friendly bamboo cover
  • Fill has even weight distribution
  • Several color options
  • Breathable outer cover
  • Reinforced pockets for glass beads
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be machine-washed


  • After a few months of use, the glass beads may move to the edges
  • The loops may be too small for the ties

=> Click here to visit the official website of Weighted Evolution

How We Made the List Of Best Weighted Blanket?

Also called a gravity blanket, a weighted blanket is an excellent option because of its many beneficial properties. Material quality is a significant factor that may make or break a purchase, and some materials are terrific for everyone. At the same time, others may not feel good on one person’s skin, even though they may be fantastic for someone else. As a result, we analyzed the content and the things that tend to resonate with audiences, paying specific attention to people with mental health difficulties. Weight was also quite helpful as an additional criterion for prioritization. As previously indicated, a standard recommendation is to use a weight of roughly 10% of your body weight. However, it’s helpful to have a variety of weights to choose from, particularly if you’ll be splitting the purchase with someone of different body weight. Additionally, the simplicity of upkeep is crucial. Because of the weight of these blankets, understanding that these blankets need little care is vital. Additionally, given their mass, they should provide enough ventilation. Our team of experts puts each blanket through rigorous testing for quality, comfort, and breathability. They also predicted who would like each kind of weighted blanket by considering the available weight and fabrics that are ideal for even childrens. Our staff offers comprehensive guidance on weighted blanket maintenance, including information on how long it will last, how to use it effectively, how to get the most out of your sleep trial, and more. We update our recommended weighted blankets whenever we find a better one available.

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What We Looked For

Cost: In terms of cost, one can purchase most weighted blankets anywhere between $100 and $300. Depending on the make-up, a small number might go above and beyond. Nevertheless, we accounted for financial constraints and opted for strategies that won’t leave you penniless. Maintenance: The blankets’ size might make them cumbersome to launder and dry. We anticipate that customers will ultimately need to wash them, albeit the frequency of cleaning may vary with use. Consequently, we choose blankets with a characteristic that makes them the least difficult to wash and dry. Weight: We also considered the range of weights most appealing to a broad audience of consumers. Because of its popularity amongst youngsters, weighted blankets often come in various densities, from 5 to 30 pounds. So that you may make a choice that best suits your requirements, we have selected manufacturers that provide a range of possibilities. Breathability: The breathability of a weighted blanket is a significant selling factor for these products. Some are notorious for being heat traps that prevent a good night’s rest. During hot summer evenings, this is particularly important to remember. In contrast, a good many of these throws have ventilation. It prevents too much body heat from accumulating around you and instead lets cold air circulate freely around. Material: Individuals have different preferences for what feels best on their skin while wearing a particular cover. But we thought about what would appeal to the broadest possible audience, particularly for sleeping. This material has to have the proper feel on the skin and be soft enough to prevent chafing.

Buying Guide For Best Weighted Blanket

If you have difficulties sleeping, a few options are available. Combining the right supplements and treatment might do wonders for those struggling with insomnia or anxiety. The use of a weighted blanket, however, is a reliable and all-natural method to combat stress and help you fall asleep. Whether you’re not comfortable with medicine or find that talk therapy isn’t cutting it, a weighted blanket may be able to help. Not everyone who tries one of these blankets finds it useful, but many say they see significant improvements after using one. Some users complain of feeling suffocated by the added mass. Heavy blankets may also become hot, so restless sleepers should think twice about using one. However, there are choices available from several manufacturers that provide superior temperature regulation. However, if you’re looking to buy a weighted blanket, you need to think about the following details that might make or break your purchase:

  • Breathability

A weighted blanket that lets air through is a sign of quality. The cover and filling materials contribute to this, and many manufacturers have choices made from breathable materials. A weighted blanket without excellent breathability might raise your body heat and make sleeping unpleasant. Therefore it’s essential to consider if you sweat a lot at night since it completely nullifies the purpose of purchasing the blanket. All users may find their perfect match in the goods on our recommended list.

  • Case or Wrapper

One factor to consider in deciding on a weighted blanket is the cover. The warmth and coziness of the blanket begin with its touch on the skin. If the exterior fabric does not agree with your skin, you will be miserable under the blanket no matter how soft the filling is. Microfiber and cotton are common materials for the outer layers of weighted blankets. Several of them have fleece exteriors, which give them a cozier, more expensive look and feel. Some blankets even include a reversible pattern, so you can enjoy a new look and feel every time you flip it over. You may have the best of both worlds with this style of layout, which is becoming popular.

  • Diverse Materials

Carefully choosing a weighted blanket is essential since certain fabrics are sturdier than others. Because of the higher quality of the materials, these weighted blankets will likely be more expensive. However, they will prove to be more valuable and durable over time than other less expensive weighted blankets. They are generally long-lasting, easy to carry, skin-friendly, and sumptuous.

  • Weight

The blanket’s weight is also essential. Choose a blanket proportional to your body weight, while some people are comfortable with much heavier blankets. But before settling on one, it’s necessary to see whether it fits your needs so you don’t end up feeling stressed out instead of at ease. In most cases, a weighted blanket that is 10 percent of your body weight is the most beneficial. There is no hard and fast rule about this decision. However, it’s probably best to choose a blanket that weighs between 5% and 12% of your body weight. Trying out several approaches until you discover what works best is the best method to complete this assignment.

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  • Maintenance

A weighted blanket that is simple to clean is what you should choose. Since it’s heavier than standard blankets and duvets, washing this one may be a bit of a chore. It doesn’t mean you have to wash it every day; it’s better to dry clean it more frequently than wash it to keep it looking good for longer. Manufacturers have simplified the process by offering weighted blankets with interchangeable duvet coverings. That way, if the cover becomes filthy, you can take it off and throw it in the wash without worrying about ruining the blanket. Machine washing is an option for most blankets because of their manageable size.

  • Filling

The weighted blanket may lack stuffing and instead rely on the thick cloth to provide bulk. Glass beads are better for the environment than plastic ones and have the additional bonus of being more chilly to the touch. They distribute weight more evenly across the body, are more costly, and have a sleeker design. It is vital to ensure that the filling does not move over time by either quilting it into squares or securing it. A weighted blanket is only as effective as its ability to disperse the weight evenly around the user’s body.

  • Cooling

Weighted blankets are a thick covering and may feel quite warm. So, hot sleepers may feel they will never be able to join the weighted blanket club. But a weighted cooling blanket can keep you comfortably chilled as you fall asleep. These versions, made from materials like bamboo, organic cotton, and Tencel, are very comfortable to wear. Additionally, these weighted cooling blankets tend to be lighter and better at regulating body temperature than their polyester or flannel equivalents. We have a list of cooling weighted blanket choices if you’re interested.

  • Customer Reviews

Always read reviews from previous buyers before settling on a weighted blanket, which is particularly important when shopping online. Find trusted customer reviews of the blanket you’re considering buying. Also, avoid relying on sponsored articles or reviews since they may have a bias. Find out what genuine buyers think by reading their reviews. All the blanket details, including care instructions, come with the package.

FAQs About The Top Weighted Blanket Brand

  1. What is the ideal weight for a weighted blanket?

An ideal weight for a weighted blanket is about 10% of the sleeper’s body weight. Depending on the individual and the readily available alternatives, some people may choose a thicker or lighter blanket. We don’t recommend that any child under two should use a weighted blanket. If your kid is less than four years old, you should discuss using a weighted blanket with a medical professional. A 20-pound queen-size blanket may seem lighter than a 20-pound twin-size blanket because the weight is distributed more evenly across a larger surface area. Those who want a more profound hugging feeling as they fall asleep may wish to select a smaller blanket. This prevents the weight of the blanket from distributing unevenly across a broader area. So, instead, it keeps it concentrated where it is needed most: on the body. On the other hand, if you want more space between you and the blanket or want to use it as a bed for two, a bigger size would be preferable.

  1. Do weighted blankets help?

As confirmed by specialists, there are significant advantages to utilizing a weighted blanket. Recent studies have shown they may be helpful in anxiety reduction and relief. Even if you don’t often associate your sleep problems with anxiety, you may find that these aids are useful. Some people find that the added physical comfort of a weighted blanket is all they need to finally have a restful sleep. The weighted blanket creates a snug, comforting environment, which many users say feels like a hug. If you or a loved one are feeling frightened or sad, reaching out for a comforting embrace is one of the first things you probably do. A hug may not answer all your issues, but it may make you feel better and help you think more clearly. Although weighted blankets have been around for a long time, there are now many different types to pick from. Remember that the average price is between $100 and $200, making them more expensive than your standard throw blanket.

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  1. Can everyone benefit from using a weighted blanket?

If you are going to use a weighted blanket for the first time and have any preexisting medical conditions, we recommend that you discuss this with your doctor. Low blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, asthma, and other circulatory and respiratory disorders are all examples of such illnesses. And if you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea or are claustrophobic, you’ll feel the same way. Also, never use a weighted blanket on a young child. See a pediatrician first if you have any concerns.

  1. How do I clean a weighted blanket?

There are different care instructions for each kind of weighted blanket. When cleaning, it’s preferable to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions. While most weighted blankets may be machine cleaned, not all can be machine dried. Some may be machine washed simply at the cover level, while other weighted blankets need dry cleaning. The full weighted blanket may go through the washing machine and dryer if the label says it can. If the care label instructs you to machine wash but not dry the blanket, take it out of the machine after washing and let it dry naturally. Spot-clean the inside with water and soap if instructed to machine-wash just the cover.

  1. Does it matter how I sleep as to which weighted blanket I get?

The weighted blanket you receive and how you feel under it will be the same regardless of how you usually sleep. You may use it in whatever sleeping position you desire. But the most important thing is obtaining the right weight for your body size. As long as you are not in pain, the experience is no different. However, if you often switch sleeping positions, you may find getting the blanket out of the way challenging.

  1. How readily available are weighted blankets?

You can easily get a weighted blanket everywhere you shop, whether it be online or at a physical store. If you’re looking for a legitimate product or one that doesn’t sell in stores, you may also search the official websites of the firms that create them. Finding deals and reading about guarantees is a breeze with the help of official websites.

  1. Is there a blanket that might assist with depression and anxiety?

A Baloo weighted blanket is your best bet if you’re looking for anything to aid your mental health. No toxic chemicals exist in the lead-free glass microbeads, cotton cover, organic cotton, or other weighted blanket components. These blankets distribute their weight evenly throughout their entire blanket surface, so they won’t seem lighter in the center and heavier on the edges when you move about in them. A duvet cover is optional, but you can choose a variation with an inner blanket to help you nod off quickly.

  1. Do weighted blankets cause you to overheat?

It depends on the substance of the blanket, but a weighted blanket shouldn’t make you too warm. The same holds for a typical duvet or blanket. A weighted blanket may provide a sense of warmth while also allowing your skin to breathe. Additionally, if a blanket makes you hot, it’s because of its insulating lining. If you tend to become overheated throughout the night, then choose a weighted blanket made from a breathable fabric like rayon or cotton. Pick one that has little or no batting.

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  1. Can weighted blankets be helpful for kids?

If your kid is having trouble sleeping and you are contemplating a weighted blanket, you should consult with their physician first. If you’re having trouble sleeping, these blankets may not be the best solution. Moreover, the blankets can be excessively bulky for toddlers. Age recommendations for weighted blankets start at three, and youngsters up to 50 pounds in weight are the ideal recipients. Although weighted blankets are safe for kids, it’s best to discuss any concerns with a physician to see whether they’re a good treatment choice.

Conclusion: Which Brand For Best Weighted Blanket Offer The Highest Comfort?

If you are unfamiliar with the features to look for or the qualities that make a weighted blanket stand out, it might be challenging to choose the perfect one for your requirements. There are dozens of options to choose from, but narrowing down your options to just one might be overwhelming. That’s why we compiled this evaluation to help you zero in on the best-weighted blanket for you and your needs. We selected just three products from the market after narrowing them down using a set of criteria. Please read our reviews to find out what makes each weighted blanket on our list unique. In addition, our buying guide is available to help you narrow down your options. Even though you may be down to just a few choices, your work is far from done. Your choice should also be practical for you in size and weight. As such, you should consider the outer cover and other materials, as they might affect how breathable and comfortable the blanket is. Look into how simple it is to clean the blanket, and ensure you stick to the directions. If you want to know what real customers think of a particular option, you may do so by reading their reviews. Finding actual


What pound weighted blanket is best for anxiety? ›

If you're looking to add something new to manage your anxiety, weighted blankets could be a great complement to your other treatments. The blanket's weight, which typically ranges between 4 and 30 pounds, can help produce a deeply calming effect.

What is the most comfortable weight for a weighted blanket? ›

Weighted Blanket Weight Chart. Recommended weights for a weighted blanket can vary between 5% and 12% of their body weight, with most people preferring a weighted blanket that weighs approximately 10% of their body weight. Regardless of its weight, a proper blanket should allow for comfort and movement. 25-60 lbs.

What weight is a calming blanket? ›

The general guideline? 10 percent of your own body weight. Both Fish and LeMond agree that the ideal weighted blanket is 10 percent of your body weight so that it fits your frame. For children or older adults, the formula is 10 percent of body weight plus 1 to 2 pounds.

How do I know what weighted blanket to buy? ›

The general wisdom is to pick one that's 10 percent of your bodyweight. So if you weigh 150 pounds, you'd get a 15-pound blanket. If you are closer to 200 pounds, a 20-pound blanket is a good fit, and so on. Most adult weighted blankets are 10, 15, 20 or 25 pounds -- kids blankets are lighter, starting around 5 pounds.

Who should not use a weighted blanket? ›

A weighted blanket may be unsuitable for people with certain medical conditions, including chronic respiratory or circulatory issues, asthma, low blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and claustrophobia.

What happens if you use a weighted blanket that is too heavy? ›

A blanket heavier than 35 pounds is more likely to cause discomfort because: The blanket begins to cause your body temperature to rise. It will place too much pressure on your joints throughout the night. It will make you feel restricted.

Is it okay to sleep with a weighted blanket every night? ›

Should Everyone Use a Weighted Blanket? Adults and older children can use weighted blankets as bed covers or for relaxing during the day. They are safe to use for sleeping throughout the night.

Do you put weighted blanket over comforter? ›

Replace your current comforter or use both: A weighted blanket can replace the comforter or duvet you currently use, or you can use them both. If you choose to use both, the weighted blanket can be placed either on top or below your bedding. It's all about your preference!

Are weighted blankets good for anxiety? ›

Weighted blankets may help anxiety. While more research is needed, 2020 research reported that weighted blankets may be helpful in relieving anxiety by helping with emotional and physical regulation. In another study, 63 percent of participants reported lower levels of anxiety after using a weighted blanket.

Can you wash weighted blankets? ›

Weighted Blanket Care Guidelines

Most weighted blankets come with one of the following instructions: Machine Wash and Dry: When machine washing, choose a bleach-free, gentle detergent, and wash your blanket in cold or warm water on a gentle cycle. Avoid fabric softeners.

Do weighted blankets keep you from tossing and turning? ›

Pressure from the blanket may trigger nervous system responses that lower your heart rate and breathing when you're anxious. This can help you calm down and sleep. Weighted blankets could also help you stop tossing and turning in bed, so you lie still and go to sleep.

What size weighted blanket should I get for a queen size bed? ›

Queen size weighted blanket measures 60 inches by 80 inches. If you want a weighted blanket that fits your queen size mattress, this is the size for you.

Can you sleep on your side with a weighted blanket? ›

For best results, we recommend sleeping on your back. This way, it covers your entire body with an even pressure. You can sleep on your side, but this means less area covered by the blanket.

How do I keep my weighted blanket from sliding off? ›

Use Bedding Straps/Suspenders

Keeping bedding secure is a foolproof way to prevent sheets and blankets from sliding off. This can be done by using bedding straps or suspenders. Straps or suspenders provide bedding with an additional layer of security.

How long does it take for a weighted blanket to work? ›

Once the week is up, you can slowly move the blanket up each day until it covers you completely. It can sometimes take up to 14 days for your body to full adjust to the new added weight. It takes roughly 14-21 days for us to form new habits, so give your body time to adjust to the weight and to the benefits.

Do weighted blankets relieve anxiety? ›

Weighted blankets may help anxiety. While more research is needed, 2020 research reported that weighted blankets may be helpful in relieving anxiety by helping with emotional and physical regulation. In another study, 63 percent of participants reported lower levels of anxiety after using a weighted blanket.

Do weighted blankets help with panic attacks? ›

The pressure of weighted blankets puts your autonomic nervous system into “rest” mode, reducing some of the symptoms of anxiety, such as a quickened heart rate or breathing. This can provide an overall sense of calm.

Are weighted blankets Good for PTSD? ›

Through deep-touch pressure stimulation, a weighted blanket PTSD can stimulate your body, producing more serotonin, which is known as the “happiness hormone.” This blanket not only helps regulate your body's sleep cycle, but it can also alleviate PTSD symptoms.

Do weighted blankets reduce cortisol? ›

Specifically, weighted blankets, sometimes called gravity blankets, increase serotonin and melatonin while also decreasing cortisol. This is why weighted blankets produce calm and peacefulness, as well as improve cognitive functioning in children and adults of all ages.


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