15 Colorful Flowers You Can Plant In A DOG-SAFE Garden (2023)

15 Colorful Flowers You Can Plant In A DOG-SAFE Garden (1)

Flowers You Can Plant In A Dog-Safe Garden

Updated 02/04/2022 by Ava Jaine

The warm weather is finally here. I’ll bet you are so ready to get outside and start planting… I know I am! Before gardening to your hearts content this year, take a look at some flowers that are non-toxic and safe around your dog.

Be wary of the flowers that are poisonous to your furry friend. No worries though, we have a large list of Colorful Flowers You Can Plant In A Dog-Safe Garden.

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Table Of Contents:

  • Dog-Safe Annual Flowers

  • Dog-Safe Perennial Flowers

  • Questionable Dog-Safe Flowers

  • Dog-Friendly Shrubs

  • Toxic Flowers For Dogs

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  • Printable List Of Dog-Safe Flowers

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Best Dog-Safe Annual Flowers:

My husband and I really look forward to planting new flowers in our garden every spring. But, we do have two dogs of our own and we need to keep their safety in mind.

I was super happy to find out that there are plenty of beautiful dog-friendly flowers that I can plant this year without the worry of putting my dog’s life at stake.

  • Roses:
    Roses are non-toxic flowers that are pretty safe for dogs. Don’t let your pup get too close though, they have some prickly thorns, so they may require a little decorative fence to protect your dog from a sharp poke.

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  • Zinnias:
    These pretty flowers are safe for your canine friend as well. They can really add some brilliant color to your flower garden. Zinnias bloom from them middle of summer until the season’s first frost. They attract hummingbirds and butterflies, which help with the flower pollination. Find some Rainbow Mix Zinnias on Amazon.

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  • Snapdragons:
    Lovely snapdragons are also safe for dogs. They are considered a “self-seeding” annual flower. They do best in full sun.

  • African Violet:
    These cute flowers are safe for your dog. Violets are fairly easy to maintain and they grow best in filtered light, not direct sun.

  • Orchids:
    The Phalaenopsis Orchid (aka: Moth Orchid or Moon Orchid) are non-toxic to dogs. Orchids can brighten up your home for several months at a time. Fertilizer is recommended to keeping theses beauties growing, which is toxic, so keep them up where your dog can’t reach them if you have one in your home.

  • Sunflowers:
    These golden flowers are safe for dogs. Sunflowers will add lots of charm to your flower garden and style to your home.

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Best Dog-Safe Perennial Flowers:

Planting a few perennials is a great idea so you don’t have to replant them every year. Which perennial plants are safe for dogs?

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Keep in mind, the following dog-friendly flowers are safe to plant in your garden, but adding any pesticides or fertilizers is toxic to your dog.

  • Lilies:
    Lilies are not toxic to dogs, but they are toxic to cats. This brilliantly colored flower likes full to partial sun. Lilies grow from bulbs and show off their beautiful blooms in the summer time.

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  • Hollyhocks:
    Hollyhocks aren’t poisonous to dogs, but their leaves and stems have sharp fibers that can cause an irritation and an itchy rash if your dog rubs up against the plant. Hollyhocks are considered a short-lived perennial because most varieties only live two to three years.

  • Petunias:
    Petunias are perennial flowers that are planted in the spring, then bloom throughout the warm months. They are safe and will not harm your furry companion.

  • Honeysuckle Fuchsia:
    The Honeysuckle Fuchsia is a colorful, non-toxic choice for your dog-safe garden. These exotic looking beauties are shaped like little hanging lanterns. Fuchsia flowers come in shades of red, magenta, pink, and purple.

  • Pansies:
    Pansies come in a variety of colors including white, yellow, blue, purple, orange, and red. Amazon has some Awesome Swiss Giants Pansy Seeds.

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  • Bee Balm:
    Bee Balm is a non-toxic plant that is safe for dogs and will add a beautiful aroma to your garden. Bee Balm comes in shades of pink, purple, red, and white. Bee balm spreads rapidly and comes back each year.

  • Hens and Chicks:
    Hens and Chicks are fast-growing succulents that are safe around dogs. They are easy to grow and do not require a lot of water. They are a great addition to any flower or rock garden.

  • Nasturtiums:
    These flowers are usually grown as annual flowers, but are actually perennial flowers. These pretty flowers are dog-safe and will add a nice aroma to any garden. Nasturtiums don’t need fertilizers, so they are easy to plant in different locations of your garden.

    Note: Nasturtium (Watercress) is Toxic to dogs.

The Perfect Addition to a Dog-Safe Garden: Life Is Better With A Dog Garden Flag.

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Questionable Dog-Safe Flowers:

Some flowers boast that they are non-toxic and dog friendly, but they have toxic relatives that look almost identical. So, I’m labeling the following flowers as “questionable” and “plant at your own risk” flowers.

Always do your research before planting any flowers to keep your dog safe.

  • Gerbera Daisies:
    Gerbera Daisies are not toxic to Dogs, but the Daisy Chrysanthemums are toxic to dogs.

    What are the differences between Daisy Chrysanthemum and Gerbera Daisies?

    Gerbera Daisies (Non-Toxic): Gerbera Daisies originated from Africa. Types of Gerbera Daisies: Gerbera Jamesonii and Lollipop Gerber.

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    Chrysanthemum Daises (Toxic): The Painted Daisy and the Tiger Tail are Very Toxic to your dog. These flowers originated from China.

    These pretty flowers look ‘similar’, so be extra cautious if you choose to add them to your garden.

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  • Marigolds:
    Are marigolds toxic to dogs? Some marigolds are toxic to dogs and some aren’t toxic. Many flowers in the marigold family can cause your dog to have GI issues when eaten and also cause skin irritation if touched.

    Pot marigolds are considered non-toxic to dogs if eaten. If your pup eats the wrong type of Marigold, symptoms of Marigold Poisoning include vomiting, excessive drooling, upset stomach and pain, diarrhea, redness and irritation of the skin, nose, and eyes.

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Dog-Friendly Shrubs:

What about Dog-Friendly Shrubs or Bushes?Each shrub is listed as non-toxic to dogs, but keep in mind, your pup can still get sick if they take a bite out of your plants.

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Best Dog-Friendly Shrubs For Your Garden:

  • Tropical Hibiscus

  • Crepe Myrtle

  • Hawthorn

  • Magnolia

  • Figleaf Palm

  • Bamboo Palm

  • Oregon Grape

  • Forsythia (aka: Golden Bells)

  • Boston Fern

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Now, don’t let your pup feast on your garden plants or flowers just because they are non-toxic. Some plants and flowers can still make your dog very sick. Continue to remain cautious about your dog rooting around the garden.

If your dog does ingest any poisonous flowers, call your vet or the Pet Poison Helpline: (855) 764-7661.

Toxic Flowers For Dogs

What Flowers Can Make Dogs Sick? Some of the most popular flowers that are poisonous to dogs include Azalea, Buttercups, Chrysanthemums, Dahlia, Gardenias, Gladiolas, Hibiscus, Hyacinth, Hydrangeas, Mums, Primroses, Oleander, Rhododendrons, Rose of Sharon, and Sweet Peas.

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15 Colorful Flowers You Can Plant In A DOG-SAFE Garden (13)


Cocoa bean mulch is made from cocoa shells and contains theobromine, which is very toxic to dogs.

Pine needle mulch is sharp, and if ingested can puncture the lining of your dog’s stomach. So, skip the cocoa bean and pine needle mulch.

It’s best to stick with cedar mulch, untreated wood mulch, or hemlock mulch instead.

Printable Dog-Safe Flowers List

When you are ready to purchase those dog-friendly flowers for your garden, take along our Free Printable list of Dog-Safe Flowers with you. Printer scale settings need to be fit to paper.

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Benefits Of Gardening:

Gardening is good for your health. Planting your beautiful flower garden can be therapeutic and a nice stress reliever. Make sure your flowers are safe for your dog to give you an extra piece of mind so you can enjoy your gorgeous blooms this season.

What Dog-Friendly Flowers do you like to plant each year? Let us know below in the comments.

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What garden plants are dog safe? ›

Plant dog-friendly plants

You can still have a beautiful garden if you have a dog – many plants pose no threat to dogs. They include snapdragons, asters, camellias, rose, sunflowers, elaeagnus, centaurea (cornflower), impatiens and Calendula.

How do you make a sensory garden for your dog? ›

FAQ about sensory gardens for dogs
  1. Touch: Add an area of mulch, gravel, or astroturf for different textures.
  2. Taste: Plant a medicinal herb like lavender, peppermint, or chamomile.
  3. Scent: Incorporate a natural “snuffle mat” with pet-friendly ornamental grasses like tufted hair grass and wheat grass.
12 Jun 2022

How can I have a nice garden with my dog? ›

Dog-friendly garden ideas

A sandpit for digging in. Elevated decking area to provide a vantage point for your dog to survey their territory. Play features such as tunnels or balance beams. A shady spot for hot weather.

What outdoor flowers are not toxic to dogs? ›

There are hundreds of non-toxic plants for dogs, but a few of our favorites include:
  • Pineapple Sage. ...
  • Snapdragons. ...
  • Daylilies. ...
  • Marigolds. ...
  • Roses. ...
  • Asters. ...
  • Gerber Daisies. ...
  • Make a Sunflower Pyramid Doghouse.
12 Mar 2020

Are marigolds toxic to dogs? ›

Marigold Is Toxic To Dogs | Pet Poison Helpline.

Is lavender toxic to dogs? ›

First of all, the ASPCA considers lavender to be toxic to dogs (as well as cats and horses). If ingested, the plant can cause nausea, vomiting, and inappetence. These symptoms can be traced to a single dangerous component known as linalool.

What do dogs like in a garden? ›

Rosemary and lavender are two potent plants that your dog will love to sniff, and their aromas will leave them feeling zen. Their woody, robust structure makes them hard-wearing so perfect for any dog that likes to zoom around in your garden.

Are pansies dog friendly? ›

Want a beautiful flower that comes in a variety of colors, while also being safe for our dogs? Then you need to add Pansies to your garden. Not only do they come in red, orange, blue, and purple (to name a few), but they are actually edible! (Not that we want our dogs eating the flowers, but things happen.)

Are there plants that dogs like? ›

1. Bamboo. Soft and crunchy bamboo is loved by dogs. They enjoy munching its sweet and delicious shoots.

What plants were used in love your garden? ›

Top 5 Plants: Love Your Garden s8e8
  • Hemerocallis 'Hybrid' Not only is the Hemerocallis beautiful, it is also intriguing. ...
  • Lonicera periclymenum 'Graham Thomas' ...
  • Despite having a preference for cool weather, the Icelandic poppy still enjoys lots of light.
8 Oct 2018

Are geraniums safe for dogs? ›

Annuals That Are Toxic to Pets

Geranium - Commonly grown in outdoor gardens, containers, and hanging baskets, Pelargonium species are toxic for pets, causing skin rashes, vomiting, lethargy, and loss of appetite.

Are hydrangeas safe for dogs? ›

Dogs or cats that consume enough hydrangea leaves, flowers and/or buds can suffer from vomiting and diarrhea. In severe cases, hydrangea poisoning can cause lethargy, depression and confusion.

Are roses toxic to dogs? ›

The Good News: Roses Aren't Toxic. Roses are non-toxic to pets, making them a fairly good option for landscaping for pet owners. They're a good option for cut flowers inside, as well, since they won't hurt your indoor pet if they consume any fallen pedals.

Is lavender toxic to dogs? ›

First of all, the ASPCA considers lavender to be toxic to dogs (as well as cats and horses). If ingested, the plant can cause nausea, vomiting, and inappetence. These symptoms can be traced to a single dangerous component known as linalool.

Is lavender plant safe for dogs? ›

Lavender does contain the toxic substance linalool but in such low concentrations that it is considered a [dog-]safe plant to have in your yard,” Dr. Bonk told The Dodo. In fact, in small amounts, lavender can even relieve some symptoms of anxiety if that's something your pup struggles with.


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