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Crystals are full of potent healing energy.

They are powerful by themselves, but what happens when you start combining two gemstones together?

If you pair them right, you’ll get a mix of harmonious energies that can amplify each of the crystals’ healing properties. So, let’s say you need a crystal to aid your creativity and to help your anxiety. You can then pair two compatible gemstones together to get the best of both worlds!

In this article, we are going to cover 10 powerful crystal combinations to take your crystal healing to the next level.


10 crystal combinations

1. Ruby and Emerald

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (1)

Both Emerald and Ruby are considered to be “royal gemstones” as they have been the choice of royal families for centuries. Ruby is known to promote love, health, and nurturing energy.

Emerald connects deeply with your Heart Chakra, and it enhances happiness and fulfillment.

Together, you have two stones that can help bring more loving energy into your life.

This is an ideal crystal combination for lovers or friends. It even makes for a cute gift if one person wears Emerald and the other Ruby, so that when you’re together the gemstones can enhance the harmony within your partnership.

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (2)

These two combined can also bring you closer in your relationship to the divine. Emerald especially holds a deep connection with spirit, and Ruby can amplify the magical energies that Emerald exudes.

From an astrological standpoint, Ruby is connected with the Sun and Emerald is connected with the planet Mercury.

Both of these planets in astrology share a nice, friendly bond which contributes to how well Ruby and Emerald work together.

2. Amethyst and Citrine

Amethyst and Citrine are a wonderful combination that complement each other well. We even see on rare occasions Amethyst and Citrine found together in the mine, which results in a gorgeous purple and orange crystal named “Ametrine”.

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (3)

These two are so compatible that even Mother Earth allows them to form together—how cool is that!

Citrine is a wonderful crystal for manifesting and bringing forward blessings of abundance. Amethyst has an entire list of healing benefits; some of these include dispelling fear, anxiety, and rage.

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10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (4)

This crystal can also enhance your intuition and activate your spiritual awareness.

Citrine complements Amethyst by swooping in and also replacing the fear or anxiety with thoughts of optimism and joy.If you need help creating or manifesting, Amethyst is great for opening your imagination and improves mental processes.

Citrine is ruled by Jupiter while Amethyst is ruled by Saturn, these planets are neither enemies nor best friends.

They share a neutral relationship which allows Citrine and Amethyst to do the same.

3. Lapis Lazuli and Onyx

Together, Lapis Lazuli and Onyx are a powerful gemstone combination. Lapis Lazuli rules over the Throat Chakra which governs our ability to speak our truth with authenticity and confidence.

Onyx promotes stamina, enhances self-control, and helps with decision-making. This crystal combination will bring you wisdom and a greater ability to speak your mind, which is ideal especially when you have a big speech coming up or simply need help standing up to someone.

This gemstone combination can also bring you structure which is needed to keep both our life and the life we share with others running smoothly.

Lapis Lazuli and Onyx can bring you closer with the people around you and may even keep the conversation flowing. Both gemstones are also full of energy that enhances our relationships and friendships.

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (6)

Work with these gemstones the next time you and your partner start to feel depleted; they will restore the vitality in the relationship and encourage both of you to express your feelings free of judgment or anger. Lapis Lazuli is ruled by Jupiter, and Onyx is ruled by Saturn, just like Amethyst and Citrine. This means that the energy is compatible and have no issues working alongside one another.

4. Carnelian and Aquamarine

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (7)

Besides these two stones looking great next to each other, their energy is another reason to love this crystal combination. Carnelian is a fiery stone full of passion and motivation.

Aquamarine has more peaceful and serene energy to it, which takes the edge off of the intensity of Carnelian.

Carnelian is great for stimulating the mind especially surrounding creative pursuits.

It can increase productivity and enhance your concentration. Aquamarine works to reduce the chatter in our minds and help alleviate feelings of anxiety.

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (8)

This crystal can also bring you clarity and sharpen your mind, which is great since Carnelian will bring you an overflow of ideas. The ideas given to you by Carnelian can be sorted through by Aquamarine.

Carnelian is ruled by Mars, and Aquamarine is ruled by the planet Neptune. In astrology, this combination can prove to be a work in progress, but the energies balance each other out.

Mars needs the softness of Neptune to bring it back to reality sometimes, which is the same with Carnelian and Aquamarine. These stones work well with those who have either of these ruling planets in their chart too.

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5. Selenite and Moonstone

Selenite is a crystal full of white light and positivity. While Selenite can pair with any gemstone, but one of the most powerful gemstone combinations is Moonstone.

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (9)

Before diving into the compatibility of these two stones, let’s learn a bit more about Selenite. This stone (besides Clear Quartz) is the only crystal that can cleanse and purify other stones.

This is why Selenite can pair withanygemstones, but for the purposes of the article, we will focus on the relationship between Selenite and Moonstone!

Moonstone holds certain ethereal energy that connects you deeper to your spiritual nature. It embodies the feminine energy of the moon, making it a crystal that encourages your inner strength and growth.

When you combine the pure angelic energy of Selenite and the intuitive energy of Moonstone, you get a harmonious balance that will connect you deeper with your higher self and fight through thoughts of the ego.

This combination is especially useful if you are starting a new chapter within your life or simply need some divine guidance. Use Moonstone and Selenite when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (10)

Also, pair Selenite with any gemstone to purify the energy and amplify the healing properties.

6. Moss Agate and Fuchsite

When you’re feeling stuck in life or need that extra push to make a decision, the combination of Moss Agate and Fuchsite can help you do just that. Moss Agate helps with overwhelming emotions and brings about a sense of tranquility. Fuchsite works similarly, but instead, it will remove the blockages that are causing the intense emotions and will try and take the weight off of your shoulders.

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (11)

Both of these stones work to bring you a new perspective of life whenever it’s needed and can help you figure out your next step when you aren’t sure where to go. This powerful gemstones combination brings about a sense of child-like wonder and even helps heal your inner child.

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (12)

Moss Agate and Fuchsite will allow you to feel more playful and bring about feelings of happiness and joy.

If you ever find yourself in a time when you need more positive energy or light-heartedness in your life, find yourself some Moss Agate and Fuchsite. Together, they make a great combination to help you feel more optimistic and excited about life.

7. Rose Quartz and Pink Tourmaline

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (13)

If love is on your mind, look no further than the gemstone combination of Rose Quartz and Pink Tourmaline.

This gemstone combination is another that be found within the same mines, meaning that they are destined to have a harmonious relationship.

Pink Tourmaline is great for those who have just gone through heartbreak or another type of loss. It allows you to view whatever is weighing you down in another light and find peace within yourself.

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (14)

Rose Quartz is seen as the universal crystal for love.

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It can instill you with more feelings of self-love and restore the trust between you and your partner (or even just the trust you have for yourself).

Together, Rose Quartz and Pink Tourmaline will heal you and your relationships.

It doesn’t stop at romantic love, it can help repair any relationship with friends, family, and even colleagues.

Both of these gemstones are amazing to use during periods of grieving a loss as well. It will help lessen the overwhelming emotions and try and bring you a greater sense of peace.

From an astrological standpoint, both of these gemstones are ruled by Venus, which means there are no other planets that could potentially make the connection hard.

8. Black Tourmaline and Fire Agate

Need a combination to repel negative energy and ground you in the darker moments? Fire Agate and Black Tourmaline together can do just that.

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (15)

These gemstones on their own are two of the best crystals for protecting your precious energy from negative or unwanted energies. Those who wish you ill will or throw negative intentions your way are no match for this powerful gemstone combination.

Black Tourmaline, like most black crystals, are great for protection and keeping you safe from energy vampires. Fire Agate does the same, but it also stimulates your sexual energy and increases your vitality.

This crystal will also develop your personal strength and may even influence you to make “riskier” choices; meaning it will give you the confidence to not always take the safe route and allow you to take a risk every once in a while.

Another quality regarding Black Tourmaline besides its ability to protect, it is also a purification stone. Keeping a piece will ensure that negative energy can’t even get into your auric field as it will automatically block and purify you or your space to help keep it clear.

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (16)

Mercury is the ruling planet of Fire Agate, and Venus (also Jupiter) is the ruling planet of Black Tourmaline. This is a favorable union that works very well with each other.

9. Smokey Quartz and Black Obsidian

Smokey Quartz and Black Obsidian is an ideal pair for those who struggle with anxiety or releasing negative habits or attachments. Black Obsidian is another highly protective and grounding stone. It’s used to release any pent-up negative energy and emotions, and it can even remove blockages that cause negative emotions to harvest.

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (17)

Smokey Quartz is all about alleviating fear-based thoughts and anxiety.

It’s the perfect stone to bring you a sense of inner calmness and promote happier and more positive thoughts. For those that struggle with negative self-talk, the combination between Smokey Quartz and Black Obsidian is the ideal pair for helping overcome this.

This powerful gemstone combination works together to make you feel better about the life you’re living. It will allow you to accept the things beyond your control and bring you more peace whenever your anxiety starts to get the best of you.

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (18)

Work with Smokey Quartz and Black Obsidian when you need a “pick me up” and allow it to remove the negativity that’s holding you back from fully thriving.

10. Red Jasper and Green Aventurine

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (19)
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The last powerful gemstone combination we’re going to cover in this article is Red Jasper and Green Aventurine. These two crystals are great because they both encourage you to take back your power and truly create a life worth living.

Green Aventurine is connected to the Heart Chakra, so not only does this stone speak of love but it also provides strength, courage, and happiness.

Red Jasper is known as the stone of empowerment and is deeply connected to your ability to overcome any sort of bullying or unfairness.

This is especially true if you find yourself in an abusive relationship or friendship.

Besides that, this combination also serves well for those starting a business or simply need more confidence in their plans.

Green Aventurine is also connected with matters of finance and abundance, and when combined with the confidence of Red Jasper, you will have no problems feeling confident in your business ventures.

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (20)

Use Red Jasper and Green Aventurine to manifest more prosperity, confidence, and courage into your life.

Bad crystal combinations

If you’re combining crystals, it’s worth learning about bad gemstone combinations, as not all crystals complement one another.

I’ve already written a comprehensive article about healing crystals that conflict—which you should read since I’ll only be doing a high-level overview in this section.

Combining gemstones can give you a boost of healing properties, but sometimes, using too many crystals, or pairing the wrong crystals together, can lead to undesirable outcomes.

While nothing bad will happen, you just won’t feel the full effects of your crystal pairings if you’re combining conflicting crystals.

Now, here’s the most important thing when you combine crystals: you must set your intention. If you don’t set your intention, your crystals won’t work as well together. For example, let’s say you want to use crystals to ease anxiety.

Grounding stones, like Hematite, can help you feel grounded, especially when you’re feeling anxious. However, an energizing stone, like Orange Calcite, will raise your vibrations and give you a boost of energy.

Now, if you’re using your crystals to calm your anxiety, pairing Orange Calcite with Hematite won’t work. These two stones conflict IF you’re intention is to reduce anxiety. Orange Calcite will raise your vibrations while Hematite will try to ground you. It’s essential to set your intentions (we’ll talk about how to set intentions later on).

Now let’s look at a different intention. If you’re feeling lazy and need a little motivation to help you check items off your to-do list, Orange Calcite and Hematite is a fantastic combination to do that.

Both stones help you overcome mental roadblocks and give you subtle energy to complete tasks. This is why it’s very important to set your intentions when you are using your crystals.

Imagine going to a chiropractor and not telling them what’s wrong. They’ll try their best to make you feel better, but if you don’t tell them what part of your body is in pain, they won’t be able to direct their attention to that specific body part.

Now imagine going to a chiropractor and telling them that your neck is sore. They’ll spend time working on your neck and helping you feel better.

Your crystals are similar; they need direction so they know what part of your life to work on, otherwise, they’ll just try their best to help you out but they won’t be as effective.

To set your intention, you can just hold your crystals in your hand and say out loud what you need from them. It’s that simple!

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Combining healing crystals

Using the above crystal combinations can give you powerful results. If you notice the combinations don’t work well for you, simply try another combination until you find the perfect combo!

Crystal pairing chart

Feel free to save the below free crystal pairing chart to come back and reference as needed.

10 Powerful Gemstone Combos + Free Crystal Pairing Chart (21)

Nothing we provide for you here is intended to replace any form of competent professional advice in any form. Please read our for more information.


Which is the most powerful gemstone? ›

DIAMOND. Properties: Relationships, love, and mental clarity. It's the strongest gemstone, so it's only fitting that diamonds are said to bond people together (and not just because they're so pretty).

What crystals should not be paired together? ›

Which Crystals Cannot Be Together?
  • Carnelian and Amethyst.
  • Blue Lace Agate and Red Jasper.
  • Clear Quartz and Green Aventurine.
  • Sunstones and stones that are associated with Saturn and Venus.
  • Gomed and Cat's eye.
11 Feb 2021

Do citrine and Amethyst work well together? ›

Amethyst and Citrine together

One of the main reasons these two make a great pair is that they are both from the Quartz family. You can combine Amethyst with Citrine to release stress and anxiety. Amethyst, as a natural tranquilizer brings emotional balance and soothes the mind.

What is the most lucky crystal? ›

One of the best crystals that brings good luck has to be Green Jade. For centuries Green Jade has been a stone that is synonymous with luck, wealth, and fortune. This is the reason you often see Green Jade in places of businesses. Red Jade is also known to be a lucky stone as is Citrine and Green Aventurine.

What is the most powerful stone to attract money? ›

Yellow sapphire are known as one of the strongest stones to attract money and success. It is said that wearing this gemstone will ensure luck and success in all endeavors.

Who shouldnt wear Tigers eye? ›

7. Who should not wear a tiger eye stone? Zodiac signs with ruling planets that are the enemies of Sun and Mars shouldn't wear the tiger eye stone. Precisely, Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Libra zodiac signs shouldn't wear a tiger eye stone.

Can all crystals be stored together? ›

First, Can Crystals Be Stored Together? The short answer is yes.

What signs should not wear moonstone? ›

Mercury is incompatible with the Moon. So, it is never advisable to wear the Emerald, the stone of Mercury with pearl or moonstone. Lucky Stone for Cancer date of Birth (22nd June 22nd July)Cancer born natives are under the rule of Moon.

Can you combine crystals? ›

The simple answer is that all crystals can be combined – and it's often beneficial to do so. Each crystal has a unique vibration, so combining them increases the healing effect on our energy field. With that said, there are some considerations when combining crystals.

Can I wear tiger's eye and citrine together? ›

The combination of Tiger Eye and Citrine make for a powerful mix to assist with activation of personal power and confidence in manifesting intentions. Tiger Eye is an empowering stone, encouraging optimism and practical action, highlighting the steps needed to achieve goals.

Can you wear lapis lazuli and Amethyst together? ›

Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli together

Amethyst is a highly protective stone that pairs well with many others. The main benefit of pairing it with Lapis Lazuli is that both stones encourage spiritual awareness. Few experiences in this life can be as transformative as a spiritual awakening.

What stone attracts luck? ›

Agate. When talking about good luck charms or stones and crystals for good luck in the jewelry market, Agate always comes up in the discussion. It is one of the most powerful luck stones out there with its power coming from multiple quartz minerals that make it.

What rock brings good luck? ›

Lucky stone can bring wealth, romance, health, protection, and what we desire. Stones that bring good luck are agate, jasper, tiger eye, beryl, and malachite.

What crystal brings good luck and protection? ›

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is often referred to as the “Stone of Protection” because it attracts good luck, especially when dealing with money matters.

What should I wear to attract money? ›

Attracting Money: Decorate in Red, Purple or Green

"Color has a powerful impact on mood, and red is considered auspicious and powerful. Think of walking the red carpet or wearing a red power tie," explains Laura. Purple and green are also key colors for attracting prosperity but there's a hitch.

What is money magnet stone? ›

Pyrite is known as a money magnet. Always carry it to attract business or career opportunities. Both earth and fire energies are captured within the pyrite stone; a perfect tool to assist in balancing (or activating) the root (1st) or base chakra.

Which is more powerful ruby or emerald? ›

They score 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Since ruby is made from the same mineral (corundum) as sapphire, they have similar hardness. While emerald is the least hard among the three, this stone is still very resilient, with a 7.5-8 grading on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

Which Neelam is most powerful? ›

Blue Sapphire is a highly precious, blue colored gemstone of the Corundum mineral family. Recognized as the most powerful and fastest acting gemstone in vedic astrology, it brings instant wealth, fame and success in wearer's life.

Which is best Ratna? ›

Rashi Ratna or Gemstone Advice according to Indian Vedic Astrology
ZodiacOwner PlanetGemstone
Virgo (Kanya)Mercury (Buddha)Emerald (Panna)
Libra (Tula)Venus (Shukra)Diamond (Heera)
Scorpio (Vrishchik)Mars (Mangal)Coral (Moonga)
Sagittarius (Dhanu)Jupiter (Brihaspati / Guru)Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)
9 more rows

Which is stronger ruby or sapphire? ›

The hardness of a gemstone is calculated on its position on the Mohs scale of hardness. Diamond, being at point 10 on the Mohs scale, is the hardest naturally occurring substance. After Diamond, Sapphire is the hardest substance and then comes Ruby.

What stone means forever? ›

Diamonds are Forever

Its name comes from the ancient Greek adámas meaning “unbreakable”. Diamonds reflect light in an unparalleled way, especially when placed under directional spotlights.

What are the big 3 gemstones? ›

Emeralds, Sapphires, and Rubies (the “big 3”) are generally considered precious gemstones whereas most other gemstones are considered semi-precious. Precious gemstones are more sought after, and more expensive than semi-precious and there are several reasons for this. Firstly, Rarity.

What is the rarest gemstone? ›

Painite : Not just the rarest gemstone, but also the rarest mineral on earth, Painite holds the Guinness World Record for it. After its discovery in the year 1951, there existed only 2 specimens of Painite for the next many decades. By the year 2004, there were less than 2 dozens known gemstones.

Who should not wear Neelam? ›

Blue sapphire or Neelam is usually not approved to the Leo and Scorpio Rashi. Sun, Moon, Ketu, Mars, and Rahu were called Saturn's enemies, and Zodiac kings of these stars planet must be astrological benefits before they wish to purchase a blue sapphire or Neelam Gemstone.

Can you sleep with sapphire? ›

The sapphire stone has been known since ancient times for its properties that affect a person's sleep. This stone is one of the best minerals to help cope with insomnia.

What happens after wearing Neelam? ›

Since Saturn rules the nervous system, the Blue Sapphire (Neelam) gemstone helps in handling nerve related tensions, neurological disorders etc. Wearing the Blue Sapphire provides protection against theft, terror, accidents, and problems caused due to natural calamities like storms, fire etc.

Which stone is best for success? ›

Citrine stone is well known for financial and career success. It is known as the money stone, success stone and merchant stone for wealth luck. It promotes success, prosperity, and abundance.

What is bhagya stone? ›

The Bhagya stone helps the native attract fortune when s/he needs it the most. Wearing Bhagya stone as per ascendant sign helps in fighting obstacles and enhances prosperity both in personal and professional life. Fortune stone for Aries. Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Which stone is best for me? ›

The formula or equation to determine the carat of gemstone you must wear based on your weight are two. For example, if your body weight is 120 lbs., your body weight in KG will be 54.4. The total carat you must wear is 4.5 to 5.4-carat gemstone by your zodiac sign.

What gemstones are too soft for everyday wear? ›

Gems Not Suitable For Daily Wear

Amber – (2-2.5): Like pearl, this organic material is quite soft in comparison to its gemstone counterparts. Amber ranks at 2-2.5 on the Mohs scale, and is very easy to scratch if you're not careful. Pearl – (2.5): At a hardness of 2.5, pearls are incredibly prone to damage.

What is the second hardest gemstone? ›

The colors seen in moissanite from the Mount Carmel area of northern Israel range from dark blue to light green. photo by Aurélien Delaunay. Moissanite is the name given to naturally occurring silicon carbide and to its various crystalline polymorphs.

Why does my ruby look pink? ›

Pink Rubies

This is because in the United States, in order to be considered a ruby, red corundum must display a certain color intensity level. Stones with low levels of chromium, which is what gives the gemstone its red hue, are called pink sapphires and not rubies.


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